The Caxton


    Fletcher Priest


    The Caxton, St. James’s Park, Westminster, London, SW1H 0PX


    Henley Red

  • Completion Date



What was once a site hindered by dated brick structures and uninspired service units, Buckingham Green now hosts a vibrant, accessible and colourful mix of residential and commercial buildings. These buildings brighten up the neighbouring district of St. James’s Park with vivid sheets of colour, with The Caxton particularly standing out with its distinct patterns and dazzling red-orange shades.

One thing was certainly needed for this varied and diverse project; the bricks needed to be of the highest quality but also be entirely unique, in line with the architect’s visions. Modular Clay Products were tasked with finding the best possible brick choice for The Caxton, within a strict timeframe.


The Caxton is one of three commercial buildings within the Buckingham Green square of St. James’s Park, London, with over 55,000ft² of commercial accommodation, alongside 11,000ft² of retail space. The Caxton is a building within an integrated mixed-use scheme that also consists of 65 luxury apartments. Modular Clay Products began work on this project in November 2014, when the first panels were manufactured for the architect, with the development finishing in 2019.

Buckingham Green won the RIBA London Award and was commended for the Commercial Award in last year’s Brick Awards.


After consultation with the architect, Fletcher Priest, Modular Clay Products were tasked with sourcing a bespoke handmade Henley Red brick for the Caxton. MCP supplied the client with various brick samples from various other manufacturers (with varying cost parameters), and after the client had made their decision on the brick colour, as well as the mortar, a mock up panel was created to gauge how the brick panels would look.

Project Images


Modular Clay Products utilised previous project experience to manage the specific requests of the architect and consulted with Thorp Precast to develop a Henley Red brick blend. The unique header design and pattern complements the Henley Red colour going across the whole building, projecting various shades of deep red and orange depending on the angle of the view as well as the natural light surrounding it. Casting and curing the brick in cladding panels made the installation much easier and simplified the logistics of the build. Brick panel cladding systems comprising of factory-made panels with bricks (or brick slips) embedded to a robust backing, are much more efficient methods of installation, compared to traditional handset brickwork.


Modular Clay Products produced a precast brick cladding solution for Fletcher Priest, which gave them more overall scope of the Buckingham Green project. Modular Clay Products sourcing the most cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing brick not only pleased the client but also exceeded their expectations. As one of the largest importers of bespoke precast bricks, their experience and diligence paid dividends in the project reaching completion in the timeframe it was given. This was a milestone achievement for the client as much as it was for MCP.