Facade Systems

What is a Facade System?

A facade system can improve your building's energy efficiency and reduce its environmental impact, all while looking great. They create a unique and attractive aesthetic for your building's exterior, enhancing its overall value and appeal. Our exterior wall cladding systems also provide insulation, weather resistance and sound insulation. 

Facade systems work by creating a ventilated chamber between the cladding and the insulation, eliminating thermal bridging and condensation problems. They can be installed on new or existing buildings, and can be made from materials including GRC, metal, stone, brick, and concrete.

Facade systems are an important component of modern building design and construction, and are often subject to stringent safety and quality standards to ensure their durability and performance over time.

Available Facade Systems

Balcony Systems

Balcony Systems Our Skyeline balcony system sets new standards in balcony design with its cutting-edge technology. Finished with high-quality aluminium balustrades, we have meticulously designed

Cladding Panels

Cladding Panels & Backing Boards (SCALAMID) SCALAMID cladding board is a modern and innovative material manufactured from mineral raw materials and natural fibres. Its unique

Metal Cladding

Metal Cladding & Fabrication What is Metal Cladding & Fabrication? Modular Clay Products offers our extensive industry expertise in metal cladding products such as steel,…

Expanded Mesh

Expanded Mesh ItalMesh – Expanded Mesh Expanded metal mesh offers incredible visual appeal, plus practicality with enhanced airflow, increased security and shading. Expanded mesh can

Stone Facade Systems

Stone Facade Systems Our stone facade systems are the perfect showcase for the incredible qualities of natural stone and the latest generation of porcelain. Revered

Terractotta / Ceramic

Terracotta & Ceramic CN Terracotta World-leading ceramics supplier CN Terracotta has partnered with Modular Clay Products to provide its wealth of expertise in servicing


Sk1n What is Sk1n Cladding? Terracotta facades have always been timeless in their beauty. Now Sk1n has become the terracotta go-to product for continuity cladding

Curtain Walling

Curtain Walling What is Curtain Walling? Curtain walls keep the weather out and the people in. They’re ideal for high-rise sites where access and space


GRC What is GRC? Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is hard, tough, long-lasting and lightweight. This innovative and lightweight concrete composite can bring your construction project