Terracotta & Ceramic

CN Terracotta

World-leading ceramics supplier CN Terracotta has partnered with Modular Clay Products to provide its wealth of expertise in servicing the construction industry and architectural community.

Thanks to this partnership, we’re proud to offer their natural ‘Purple Sand’ clay ceramic. Over two thousand years in the making, this traditional material is used by skilled artisans to craft terracotta models, sculptures and pottery. The quality of the clay - A.K.A. “the five-coloured soil” - coupled with traditional techniques passed down through the generations, have made CN Teracotta’s source location the “pottery capital of China”.

Moreover, terracotta facades are not only desired for their traditional look. They are also gaining popularity among forward-thinking architects and builders for their sustainability.

CN Terracotta adhere to strict global standards; ISO9001 for all statutory and regulatory requirements for products and services and ISO14001 for environmental management. They continually work to exceed their obligations to the sustainable production of all materials.

Tall ornamental grasses in front of a glossy red-tiled building facade.

Product Information

Colour, Textures & Finishes

  • Granite
  • Wood
  • Linear
  • Rock
  • Scared
  • Sand

Services & Capability

  • System Selection Advice
  • Shop Drawing & Detailing
  • Tiles & Systems Supply
  • Customisation
  • Site support & Inspection
  • Engineering Design & Certification

Benefits of Terracotta Facades

  • Non Combustible & Stable
  • Competitive - Direct from Factory Pricing
  • UV Resistant - Highly impervious to the effects of solar
  • Frost Resistant - Unreceptive to the effects of rapid cooling
  • Aesthetically Attractive & Easily Customised
  • Strong - Surface Tensile Strength is very durable
  • Low Energy - Rainscreen overlap system aids elimination of heat accumulation
  • Sound - Rainscreen overlap system aids elimination of sounds attenuation
  • Sustainable & Recyclable - Green credentials second to none

Technical Data

Find out more detailed technical information about CN Terracotta ceramics download the brochure below.


Ceramic facades are a highly flexible, modern solution providing exceptional aesthetic and mechanical characteristics.

These facades are:

  • Sustainable - made from the natural raw material clay - and free of heavy metals and other harmful additives, a ceramic brick facade offers optimum thermal, fire and sound insulation.
  • A wise investment - which will lose none of its original beauty over time.
  • Healthy and harmonious - rear ventilation ensures a balanced, healthy indoor climate and contributes positively to the overall issue of climate protection.


  • Ceramic cladding is durable, strong, and available in various colours, styles, and textures. 
  • It has long-lasting looks, provided by body colour, pattern and graining, ensuring the aesthetics do not change over time. The material is light UV resistant and impermeable. 
  • Available in various finishes as A1 rated, natural through colour and sizes up to 3000x1000mm.