What is GRC?

Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is hard, tough, long-lasting and lightweight.

This innovative and lightweight concrete composite can bring your construction project to life.

More and more architects and contractors are using Glass Reinforced Concrete as a natural-looking and highly tactile building facade that creates a unique character for each project. GRC is increasingly being adopted by those looking for a fire-proof, sustainable, aesthetic cladding product.

This highly versatile material offers stacks of benefits over its conventional counterparts. 

Ultimately, GRC is faster and more affordable to install while still offering durability and strength to the point of being almost indestructible. In fact, GRC’s tensile strength is three to four times greater than steel-reinforced concrete.

The installation uses a riveting system: rivets mount cladding panels to vertically positioned profiles. These vertical profiles are attached to the supports. The supports are attached directly to the front wall using bolts or anchors. 

GRC material is categorised as non-combustible class A1 in accordance with EN 13501. 1 Fire classification of construction products and buildings.

GRC facade system

Product Information

Available Colours

  • Natural white
  • Concrete grey
  • Velvety grey
  • Anthracite grey
  • Graphite grey
  • Ivory
  • Sandstone
  • Brick red
  • Malachite green
  • Travertine brown
  • Slate brown

Available Surface Textures

  • Smooth
  • Fine structure
  • Gross structure
  • Sandblasted surface
  • Hydrophobisation
  • Antigraffiti
  • Imprinting form liners

Benefits of using GRC System

  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire protection
  • Protection against heavy rain
  • Sound insulation
  • Long life
  • Protection against the cold
  • Product flexibility allows accommodates complicated designs

Range of membranes

Find out more about the full range of membranes by downloading the brochure below.