Terracotta & Faience Bricks

For restoration, or contemporary buildings

Both terracotta and faïence bricks start life as the same high quality clay – chosen for its ability to be moulded into incredibly intricate designs. Once the desired shape is obtained they are fired at a higher temperature than regular clay bricks – and this gives them their distinctive finishes – with terracotta bricks fired as they are, and faïence bricks receiving one or more coats of glaze. The firing process gives terracotta a ‘fireskin’ – an outer protective layer that is incredibly resilient to weathering and lends the brick to a wide range of applications. Depending on the glaze applied to the faïence bricks, they can be uses to imitate carved natural stone, delivering similar results at a more lower cost per block.

At Modular Clay Products we have a reputation for supplying high-quality faïence and terracotta bricks for both restoration purposes and as part of new contemporary buildings, including South Thames College and high-profile construction projects across the UK. We apply our significant experience and expertise to match subtle colour shades and the ornate designs that were often a staple of architectural design in the Victorian and Edwardian periods, as well as replicate the materials used in the Art Deco era.

terracotta faience bricks

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Terracotta blocks

Terracotta bricks have been part of the British landscape since the 1860s and are still favoured by many architects today for their warm, natural colours and hard-wearing properties. Easy to work with and easy to maintain, terracotta can be used to great effect.

Faïence blocks

The added glazing that occurs as part of the firing process gives faïence a light-reflecting quality and can be used to create striking patterns and designs.

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