Thirty Broadwick (formerly St Lawrence House)

Thirty Broadwick (formerly St Lawrence House)








Thirty Broadwick Street, Soho, W1F 8JB


Large-scale projects are always challenging – particularly when they involve replacing several existing buildings with a new 120,000sq ft structure – but Modular Clay Products rose to the occasion for its client, Emrys. Not only did we provide multiple products and brick types, but also our wealth of expertise ensured that the project met all specifications.

“We enjoy projects where multiple solutions and custom-made bricks allow us to showcase the depth and breadth of our experience in the industry, working closely with architects and end clients.”

Evan Salmon, Sale Manager, Modular Clay Products

Plans for the new structure included the partial demolition of buildings at 26-34 Broadwick Street and 10 Livonia Street, allowing Emrys to develop a unique space for office and commercial use.

The project would soon evolve from a heavy cut-and-carve redevelopment to a full new-build BREEAM Excellent design. The building also scooped a significant accolade in the category of ‘Best West End New Build’ at the 2017 OAS Development Awards.


Providing such an extensive project with multiple brick types and panels meant our focus was not only on aesthetic quality, but also a timely delivery schedule. Our experience meant that this was indeed the case, resulting in a smooth installation plan.


We worked closely with the architect, their client and a façade consultant to select the right bricks for the project. After giving a variety of bricks careful consideration at the factory, it was decided that we would use a German DF format (240mm x 115mm x 52mm). Several types of purpose-made bricks were consequently manufactured using lime mortar.


We sourced a bespoke waterstruck brick from a German manufacturer, which still uses a continuous coal-fired kiln and can re-fire the bricks for a second time using a damp firing process. This allowed the architect to achieve both their desired texture and colour. In addition, the brick proportions lent the building its unique aesthetics.


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