Clay Pavers

For organic looking Paths & Driveways

As more and more of the UK’s homes and businesses opt to banish featureless concrete and tarmac in favour of decorative and more organic-looking paving, we’re able to supply a wide range of clay pavers suitable for almost any installation. Laying genuine clay pavers is no more expensive than laying their concrete counterparts, but you’ll enjoy a far more resilient surface with natural colours that never fade. Available in four standard colour groups, clay pavers are available in reds, browns, buffs and blues – with many shades within these categories. With a little creativity, intricate patterns and designs are easily achieved using complementing or contrasting colours, with traditional designs becoming increasingly popular for driveways and paths with homeowners across the UK.

clay pavers

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Clay pavers have been in use in Britain for hundreds of years, with many of them standing the test of time and still taking heavy foot-traffic on village high streets or as cathedral floors throughout the country. Originally the choice of prestige buildings and homes, clay pavers are now far more affordable and readily available, enabling homes and businesses to take advantage of the superior appearance and longevity. Traditionally rectangular, we’re able to source clay pavers in a variety of shapes and sizes, including bricks, cobbles, oversized pavers and even bespoke sizes – just ask one of our team. Once laid, clay pavers will resist even the harshest weather and withstand impacts and erosion far better than many of the alternatives, resulting in a hard-wearing surface that requires very little maintenance or repair.

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